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Virtually every product we create has a free version, and every visitor of our site is granted an unlimited access to free screensavers and games. Our screensavers and games are not only free, they do not contain any adware or spyware, you are not required to download or install additional products, and we do our best to provide efficient technical support to all users of our products. Still, free versions are restricted or limited in some way (games usually have time limits, free screensavers display one scene out of three), and to enjoy all the benefits that our products have to offer, we encourage you to register and become a paid member of 3D Relax.

Paid members of 3D Relax have unlimited access to premium versions of all screensavers and games, those that are already in stock plus new ones that come out every month during the year, all updates, newer versions of existing products, new levels of games and many more, for just $23.99/year. If you like what we do, become a paid member - enjoy our products and give us a chance to produce more great stuff for your entertainment, create more interesting addictive games and beautiful screensavers - it is just $1.99/month!


3D Relax has chosen 2checkout.com as our authorized retailer in view of the excellent reputation of this company for secure and reliable purchasing with credit cards and other payment options and efficient customer service.